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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Night of Fire - Curves Progress

Hello again, been a while. 

This is somewhat the latest play-blast from the sequence. Lots of glitches have been cleaned up. Some of the timing has been sorted out. 

Of course there's room for improvement, hopefully i can address most of these by the time its all done :D

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Night of Fire - Curves

Right, another long overdue update, last night i just fell asleep at the computer, so had to cal it quits.

Today i caught up with more work, more keys sorted out.

It has to be noted that this the 1st rough pass, so not everything is in place, but i wanted to upload this to show progress as i work through it and change stuff around, so keep checking back people :P

Friday, 6 April 2012

Night of Fire - Curves

More updates from the NoF project. 

Fight block is done, first two shot curves are done.
My plan is to get the entire fight scene converted to a curves rough first pass by the end of day. 

I shal post the playblast of that here whens that's done with comments of course ( most likely late in the morning if not earlier)

over and out! :P

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Night of Fire

Done more work on Night of fire, nearly finished the fight block. Got some kick ass poses going on!

Getting late now, I will render out the block fight scene tomorrow but today/yesterday ( its half 2 in the morning) I will leave you with this little gem. I actually have no clue what technically happened.... all i know is maybe.   -__- 

No but seriously, I was just trying to move a bunch of keys and its freaked out. :D 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Night of Fire

Done for today, I focused on getting the timing right as the fight scene is shorter than the original. Got  a bunch more poses timed, changed a few of them to match the weight of the characters. I also cut out the lock part of the fight as it was pretty weak and it took up valuable time. 

16 more poses before the punch and then it gets easier. (Hopefully) :D

Night of Fire

Yup, its another update. Going to spend this Sunday ( as well as the rest of the Easter holidays) working on the fight scene. The rest isn't too difficult as some animation is either basic or in slow motion. 

 Now that i have fixed my PC, ( hopefully it wont fail anytime soon) i can spend everyday working. As usual I will update at the end of day as to how far I got.