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Wednesday, 8 May 2013


 Hey everyone.

Time for an update, this here is one of my quick personal projects. 

The goal here was to create an action clip of a hero type character leaping over an obstacle, changing it into cover, then firing back at the attackers off-screen. 

Let me know what works and what doesn't, I will be glad to improve it.

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  1. Hey man, it's looking good so far. I'd say thats it's probably a bit slow on the build up to the vault. You've put a bit of a hesitation before the vault which I think takes away from the overall aesthetic of the action. If hes a hero type I think he would dive over the table and then get back up to shoot in a more dynamic way. Maybe the table could come down quicker too, doesn't feel weighty enough. Looking cool though, look forward to seeing the next pass.