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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Night of Fire

hey there. Sorry about the delay, on the day of the last post the files went completly mad. All my shelves were lost as well as the animation. Some setbacks but i am still working past them.

 Turns out the universities computer are very bad at storing information.

So here is the latest update on the fight scene blocking stages. Watch this space! :D

(p.s. Sory for spelling, in a rush to elave uni)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Night of Fire

I don’t how many people check this blog; even if it’s only a handful I think this will at least be useful for me. I am going to post what I am working on and what my goal is by the end of the day then post an update just before university shuts. This will help me see my progress and better understand my time management and animation priorities.

 Now that the horse colab is pretty much done I can move on the more important animation of the year. My goal today is to block as much of the fight sequence as possible. First on the agenda, finish the charge and impact. :P

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Horse Colab

This is the final version of the Horse idle.

Some aspects like legs, tail and ears could be improved but i have other projects to attend to, plus the CAT rig sucks, legs keep flipping all over the place.

 When i get back to the walk animation I will create my own bones for the legs and attach to the original body.

I should also note that i dont like horses, my goal here was to see how well i can animate something that i wouldnt want to animate and I guess the results are not too bad. Concentrating on the refference and motion is what drove me to do this, a sort attention to detail test if you will.

Comments/ feedback would be welcome. :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Horse Colab

Hey folks!
 Just a quick update on the horse colab. I have done  the block on Saturday, went through the first pass on  Sunday but din't have enough time to put everything on  the blog. (University closes at 5pm)

I also threw in a failed rig clip. This happened after i tried adding extra bones to CAT to use as pole vectors, it clearly dint like it. :P

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Night of Fire

  Leaving uni now, so as promised heres a multiple exposure style screen capture showing the run. Could of done more if i din't have to sort out some zv parent master problems but its no big deal,
 now that i know more, i will do more tomorrow :D 

Inadvertently I have learned a new way to analyse my animation, by doing this sort of photoshop composition, really shows how the frames relate to each other!

Night of Fire

Short update on my work. Currently i am working on a colaboration film called Night of Fire. 
If you have seen some of the previz work, you may notice i am working on the fight scene betwen the Commander and the Barbarian chief. 

 I am hopping to get a good chunk of the block done today. Uni is open until 10, i will then uptade again on the progress. 

 At the moment i just started, the Commanders charge towards the Barbarian Chief

Friday, 16 March 2012

Four Arms test

This is a short test of the Four Arms Character. Going from idle > equiping the handguns > then to a ready idle. More to come later :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Hello again. 
Been very busy lately, this is the latest sequence which is, mostly finished %95 percent i would say
 ( Needs minor tweaks, trails not at best form etc) 
 Its a character called Nitrosaur. A dinasaur in mech armour,who carries nitro canisters on its back,
these fuel his jet blades. 
This character was created to fit well in fighting game, along the lines of Soul Calibur or Tekken.

Enjoy + Comment